Front End Manager
Posted: 07-21-2017
All Locations

Responsible for all store office security and proper administration of the cash office funds. To perform all Front End clerical functions and maintain the highest level of Front End customer service at all times.

Requirements & Skills:

  • Complete the cash and sales reports daily, as well as, the weekly recap. A deposit must be done after each shift.
  • Report any shortage over $25.00 immediately to the main office.
  • Check and order change for the change fund.
  • Prepare all bank deposits and record all data appropriately, and verify all returned bank slips.
  • Responsible for verifying tills for cashiers at the beginning and the end of each shift, as well as, breaks and lunches; following cash control guidelines.
  • Responsible for cash handling in the office area, keeping the safe locked whenever not being used.
  • Maintain and enforce the company shoplifting policy.
  • Maintain and enforce the emergency code system.
  • Implement emergency Front End procedures when needed.
  • Conduct a master reset or master to sub master operation when necessary.
  • Responsible for all reports issued from the Front End of the store (check transmittals, soda machine reports, etc.).
  • Check and issue inter-store transfers.
  • Maintain files and ensure proper follow-up of bad check procedures.
  • Work with department managers on Front End observations.
  • Maintain a void card variance check on a weekly basis.
  • Abide by all company policies as stated in the Employee Handbook.