Kitchen Manager
Posted: 07-21-2017
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The Kitchen Manager is responsible for supervising the execution of the entire Kitchen Department operation, managing department inventory, in-stock position, pricing integrity, merchandising, labor, and other operational processes necessary for successful department performance. The Kitchen Manager will also be responsible for achieving budgeted objectives in sales, gross profit, labor dollars, and/or percent. The kitchen supervisor will be responsible to ensure the Kitchen Department Manager is adhering to company standards and kitchen associates are properly following all standard operating procedures.



  • Evaluate company as well as individual store performance through store calls, study of department indexes and personal interaction with the staff.
  • Reacting quickly and decisively to any issue that is preventing our objective of growing profitable sales.
  • Recommend operational changes to department or company operation based on the knowledge of each store, competitive atmosphere or opportunity being missed to drive sales/profit
  • Professional development of identified key associates to build a “Bench” capable of supporting future growth
  • Supervises, develops and trains subordinates; schedules labor within required guidelines; handles employee problems and complaints.
  • Oversees sanitation, maintenance, safety and security; ensures that department equipment is in good working order.
  • Participates in training and professional development recommended by the company for the purpose of preparing to manage a department on his/her own.
  • Two years supervisory experience required with skills including directing work, scheduling, and training

Other Responsibilities:

  • Understands, communicates to department personnel, and complies with laws/regulations and company policies including those regarding confidentiality, honesty and business ethics.
  • Maintains responsive and cooperative relationships with supervisors, co-workers, vendors, customers and other personnel.
  • Accomplishes assigned tasks in an efficient and timely manner within standards established by Director of Operations.
  • Participates in own training and professional development for the purpose of desired career advancement.